No home in India has ever been immune to the eccentricities of the city: street noise, dust, pollution, rain and wind. No matter how hard homemakers have toiled to keep them out, these elements have still found ways to enter, mainly through gaps and cracks in aluminum and wood windows. Homes changed once Siesto arrived. 

One window, many home improvements
⇒ Freedom from noise, dust and pollution

 Monsoon proof interiors to withstand torrential rains
 Bright and airy rooms
 Specially engineered windows to withstand strong winds: no rattling and whistling
 An uninterrupted view of the world outside
⇒ The merging of balconies and rooms: more space
⇒ Energy conservation: reduced air-conditioning costs ensure peep-in windows pays for Themselves
 A flawless finish: superior aesthetics
 Freedom from maintenance
 A lifelong investment


21st century window technology can make a bigger impact in rooms and suites than your choice of carpet or walnut desk. Siesto can:
 Block noise, rain, wind, dust and pollution
 Reduce air-conditioning costs
⇒ Brighten up your rooms
 Improve the view outside
 Increase ventilation (as and when you need to)
⇒ Create space: Unite balconies with rooms
⇒ Add flourishes of elegance: The impeccable finish lasts a lifetime
⇒ Reduce maintenance with weather proof windows
Peace and quiet: just what your guests expect With Siesto windows, street noise comes down by as much as 45 decibels. Double sealed, fusion welded and locked at multiple points, the windows are free of gaps or cracks. Unlike conventional windows, the unique Siesto design creates a lifelong barrier against noise, dust, pollution, rain and wind. The option of double and triple glazing adds further insulation against unwanted elements.

Siesto Benefits
Easy-to-clean and maintain
No painting required ever. Frames never chip or fade or lose their sheen. Just routine cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to keep them looking new.
Modular and flexible, Siesto allows your architects to explore the frontiers of design, from straight lines to arches, from bay to French windows, from casement to sliding and combinations, from windows that rise from floor to ceiling to windows that span balconies.
Bring down air conditioning costs and save energy
Professor NK Bansal of the Centre of Energy Studies, IIT and Ashvini Kumar, co-authors of the definitive book on the subject Green Windows, have come to an astonishing conclusion: "Properly designed energy saving windows in an air conditioned building can save nearly 30% energy."
In their expert view, an energy saving window consists of:

  •      A heat insulating framing material
  •      Double-glazing
  •      Proper sealing between wall and window as well as between the opening and fixed framing of the window.

Siesto adequately satisfies these energy saving criteria. The airtight features improve insulation and raise efficiency of air conditioning.

Siesto Window for Architect Professionals

India's best-known home architect teams have realized that Siesto speaks their language when it comes to design, manufacture, installation and service. We take pride in aligning our schedules to our client's deadlines, and being able to come up with designs that appeal to the most demanding interior architects too.Our design team works on appropriate designs for your projects in line with wind loads, monsoon intensity and aesthetic requirements. We constantly keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends to come up with doors and windows for clients' and architects' needs and taste. The survey team tracks the progress of the site regularly and initiates measurement at the right time. Each opening is measured and customized windows for architects are delivered at the site on time. These are installed in quick time to ensure your site is ready as per schedule.

Always a phone call away
Trained manpower in each region and a nationwide customer care center serve a long and impressive roaster of national clients, both institutional and retail.

Customer Enquiry
When you install Siesto, many home improvements fall into place

  •     Complete insulation
  •     Monsoon-proof
  •     Wind resistance
  •     Better air-conditioning efficiency
  •     Create more space
  •     Bright, airy rooms with a view
  •     Termite-proof frames
  •     No-repainting ever
  •     Add architectural flourishes in each room
  •     The UPVC blend made for the Indian climate
  •     First choice of thousands of architect professionals across the country

Expertise extends to individual homes
Siesto is equally adept at executing orders for individual homes. Old windows are replaced with new windows fit for architects' taste without disruption to homeowners and their families. Same for old doors too – they are replaced with doors for architects with minimum disturbance too. Siesto has won high praise from both clients and interior architects professionals for both its doors and windows.

Siesto For Hospitals
Hospitals are required to be the most hygienically maintained premises with extreme precautions taken to minimize germ build-up. For a dust and pollution free environment, it is extremely important to make sure that the openings like doors and windows are well-suited to the environment and do their job perfectly.
And at Siesto, we understand how imperative it is for hospitals to have pristine and sterile environments.We know that accurate fits for windows are extremely important for creating hygienic environments because hospitals cannot afford to undergo sudden changes in temperatures. We also understand that an ideal hospital window or door fitting must be able to block all unwanted particles outside and maintain high sanitation levels.
Apart from the regular hygiene control that is carried out in a hospital, it is important to make sure that the hospital doors and hospital windows are doing their job perfectly. Cracked glass, gaps in the panes, loose bolts and creaky broken latches are not the solution. Hospital fittings should have surgical accuracy in fitment and looks as well. Siesto windows are the perfect option for hospitals because they cut back significantly on noise, dust and pollution. They’re quite unlike conventional windows since they leave no gaps between the wall and the frame.

  1. Our windows require minimal maintenance.
  2. Siesto windows can come in large sizes that allows bright and airy rooms with panoramic views, creating a positive and healthy atmosphere for patients.
  3. Our windows are weather resistant, keeping out gales of wind, heavy downpours and extreme temperatures.
  4. Siesto windows are instrumental in creating “Green” environments since our UPVC blend is recyclable and uses less energy at time of production. Additionally, they also help cut down on air-conditioning and heating bills.

We understand that hospitals cannot afford to cut corners on quality and hygiene standards and we’re here with our quality assurance. Give us a call to get started. We know you won’t be sorry.

Siesto for Office
A one-time investment in Siesto windows promises life long returns Siesto windows can outlast buildings. Made from a special UPVC formulation developed specifically for India, the windows are precision-engineered in state-of-the-art factories that deploy current global technologies. The construction and design of the windows introduce dramatic improvements in your office environment.
Siesto transforms your office while you work The assurance of India's only window experts Siesto replaces old windows and installs new ones with clockwork precision, without disruption or disturbance in the day to day running of your office. The installation team aligns its work practices and schedules to the ones you follow.

Siesto Benefits
No noise. No dust.No pollution.
Siesto windows are multi-chambered, double-sealed and fus ion-welded and they lock at multiple points. Unlike conventional windows, there are no gaps in the frame or between the wall and frame. Nothing can enter. Result: Complete insulation from noise, dust and pollution.

Save up to 30% energy and reduce air conditioning costs
Experts* on 'Green Windows' have concluded, "Properly designed energy saving windows in an air conditioned building can save nearly 30% energy." In their view "an energy saving window consists of (i) a heat insulating framing material, (ii) double-glazing and (iii) proper sealing between wall and window as well as between the opening and fixed framing of the windows." Siesto is the only window in India that fulfills these energy saving criteria.
The U-Value of PVC is the lowest of all window-framing materials, which means Siesto minimizes energy loss.



U-Value (W/m2K)








Maintenance free The windows require no maintenance, other than routine cleaning with soap and water. Unlike conventional aluminum windows, Siesto will never need a coat of paint. Unlike conventional wood windows, Siesto is termite-proof. The imported hardware, tested for 20,000 cycles, is trouble-free and durable.

Bright, airy cabins with a view
The strength of Siesto translates into another advantage:SIZE. A Siesto window can cover vast spans presenting a panoramic view and inviting sunlight and fresh air. The windows lower your dependence on artificial lighting and save costs.

Monsoon proof
The unique "Rain Drain" mechanism deflects accumulated water. In areas of heavy rainfall, Siesto has introduced a special innovation called the "Rain Track": a dam like section that stops rainwater from flowing indoors. The "Sill Arrangement" ensures that rainwater flows away from the face of the building.

Weather proof
The special Siesto UPVC blend is made for harsh Indian conditions. It contains:

  •     High dosage of Titanium Di Oxide for long term colour stability
  •     Impact modifiers to impart additional strength
  •     Heat stabilizers to ensure Siesto windows retain their shape and lustre in high temperatures

Siesto for Builder
Siesto performs window surgery without disturbing your patients. If you decide to replace the windows in your existing hospitals, Siesto can work with surgical precision. The entire process of replacing old windows and installing new windows can happen without causing any disturbance in the day to day running of your hospital.

Green Windows by Siesto

Green Windows for Green Buildings
Green Buildings are a model of sustainable development. They use resources efficiently to ensure that future generations are not deprived of them. They are all the more important in view of fast depletion of natural energy resources and threat of global warming. Besides natural resources, green buildings lay a lot of stress to the health of the end user. Hence green buildings with energy saving windows are not only environment friendly, but also a healthy place to work.
Green Building Ratings
LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) is the most widely accepted rating system on Green windows world wide. It comprises a total of 69 credit points can be attained on the following basis.
Green Building Certification
LEED (Leadership in energy Efficiency and Design) is the leading rating system adopted in India and the world to certify green buildings. The rating has a total of 69 credits that can be availed on 6 different parameters. These include sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environment quality and innovation and accreditation professional inputs.
If you follow LEED Rating system, the use of Siesto energy saving windows can contribute to valuable credit points under the following parameters:

  •     Energy and Atmosphere: Superior sealing saves energy
  •     Material and resources: They are recyclable and require lesser energy in production
  •     Indoor environment quality: Do not require any painting